Travel Guide Koh Jam Krabi Thailand

Travel Guide Koh Jam Krabi Thailand

Haad Koh Jam is a long, straight and the most beautiful sandy beach in the farthest south of the island. Most tourists love to rent a bike from the bungalow and pedal to this beahc, as well as Haad Ting Rai and Ao Lu Bo.

Haad Ting Rai is located in the west of Koh Jam. It is a lovely beach where fascinating sunset scenery could be seen.

Location: Ban Koh Pu, Ban Ting Rai, and Ban Koh Jam, Tambon Si Bo Ya, Amphoe Neua Khong, close to Koh Si Bo Ya.
Located toward the south of Krabi Town, Koh Jam or Koh Pu is a moderate-sized island with three beaches in the west called Ao Lu Bo, Haad Ting Rai, and Haad Koh Jam. These three beaches are all rice for fishing and watching scenery of sunset and innumerable islands in Krabi sea.
It has been around 20 years since the tourism entered this island, and now it is one of the most interesting places for travelers who seek privacy and tranquility, especially freeign tourists.
Nowadays, therefore, Koh Jam is still peaceful, serene and charming, with around 20 resorts in natural bungalow style. Here svsitors could also find travel agencies, boat service, rental motorbikes, and ticket reservation counters, etc.
Extending further from Haad Koh Jam, Haad Ting Rai is a pretty quiet beach that is favored by a lot of visiters. There is a road running paralleled this beach, which is very nice for biking along.
Haad Koh Jam is said to be the most fascinating beach of the island. So there are the most resorts, bungalows, and travel agencies on this beach.

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The transportation system on Koh Jam is considered quite convenient, since there is a road cutting from Ban Koh Jam to Ban Koh Pu. Some part of the road also runs paralleled to the beaches, so it is nice both for watching scenery and visiting beaches.
The locals at Koh Jam do not only make a living by fishery, but also by keeping rubber farms and selling rubber sheets made from its resin.
Ban Koh Jam Pier, the gateway to Koh Jam Located close to the pier, Ban Koh Jam is the largest village of the island. It is the place to find the most shops, restaurants and rental cars.
The only paddyfield in the middle of the island at Ban Ting Rai
Haad Koh Jam Located in the south around 1km away from Ban Koh Jam, Haad Koh Jam is a long, straight, fine sandy beach approximately 4-5km long. The beach is the longest beach and is suitable for swimming, sunbathing, and watching sunset. From Haad Koh Jam, it takes only around 15-20 minutes to get to Ban Koh Jam, a local fisherman community of the island.

Haad Ting Rai Located in the area of Ban Ting Rai, Haad Ting Rai is a white sandy beach with pretty quiet ambience. It consists of two beaches: Ao Si, a 500 meter-long sandy beach, and Ao Chong Kew, a semicircular beach easily accessible by the main road of the island. Both Ao Si and Ao Chong Kew are nice for sunbathing, swimming, and watching sunset scenery.

Ao Lu Bo Located in the aread of Ban Koh Pu and connected with Ao Lo Yaai, Ao Lu Bo is another beautiful bay of Koh Jam. Stretching approximately 1km long, Ao Lu Bo is also nice for sunbathing, swimming, and watching sunset scenery. The bay is aournd 500m away from Ban Koh Pu Pier.

Seamen and Farmers Communities of Koh Jam Ban Koh Jam
Ban Koh Pu, and Ban Ting Rai are the three communities of Koh Jam.80% of the residents here make a living by doing small fishery, while othrs grow rubber farms, trade, make sticky noodle, and keep rice farms. Most of the people at Ban Koh Jam are Thai Buddhists, whereas Ban Koh Pus and Ban Ting Rais are mostly Muslim.
1. Exploring the beaches-seeing the localsway of lofe: Visitors could walk from one beach to another pretty easily. All the beaches are nice for swimming and watching sunset, but if you are looking for a place to get sunbaked, Haad Koh Jam is the best with its long, staight sandy beach. Moreover, you can also canoe along the beach, or ride bicycle or motorbike around the island to see the local way of life as well.

2. Fishing trip: The reefs between Koh Jam and Koh Phi Phi are full with shoals of fish. Tourists cold charter a fishing boat to the aread fro fishing, cooking, and eating it freshly on the boat. A large boat can accommodate 7-8 person and the boat fare is 6,000 baht a day; whereas the regular narrow boat is for 4-5 persons and costs around 1,500 baht a day.

3. Island sightseeing tour: Tourists could also charter a boat to nearby islands like Koh Si Bo Ya, Koh Lao Ka, Koh Lao La, and Koh Phai. You can stop for diving at Koh Phai, or spend the whole day exploring the beaches of Koh Phi Phi Don-Phi Phi Le, Ao Maya, for example. The boat fare for a regular narrow boat is 1,500 baht a day.
There are around 20 resorts and bungalows on the island, mostly located along the beaches of Ban Koh Jam, Ban Koh Pu, and Ban Ting Rai.

Joy Bungalow offers 31 bungalows at Haad Koh Jam. The atmosphere is private and the place suitable for swimming, sunbathing and canoeing.

Ao Si Bungalow is located at Haad Ao Si in the area of Ban Ting Rai. The 9 bangalows are set up on the cliff, so they all are wonderful beauty spots over the bay below.
1. Start from Khong Ji Lard Pier: Located around 2km from Krabi town, there are passenger boat from Khlong Jii Lard Pier to Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, and Koh Jam. The journey to Koh Jam takes about 1 hour. The boat leaves twice a day at 08.30am and 10.30am. The boat fare for foreigners is 300 baht.

2. Start from Laem Kruad Pier: Located at Amphoe Neua Khlong, around 40km from Krabi town, there are motorboats from Laem Kruad Pier to Koh Jam twice a day at 12.00am and 03.00pm. The journey takes only 30 minutes. Or you can just charter the whole motorboat to any beaches at island. The boat fare to Koh Jam is normally 500 baht.

Caution: It is actually more convenient to get to Koh Jam from Khlong Ji Lard Pier, but the boat will leave only in the morning and it will operate only in high season (October-April). So in the less-touristed season (May to November), please bear in mind that you can only get there by boarding athe boat from Laem Kruad Pier.
Joy Bungalow: 0 1891 4645, 0 7561 8199
Ao Si Bungalow: 0 1747 2664, 0 1091 4576
Wonderful seaside house of Joy Bungalows, one of the most fantastic choices of accommodation at Koh Jam
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